Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Thank you Rose Hughes
for the fun book blog tour

the random number generator
so it will be the grand story of a gift exchange
that we will remember most!
thank you for sharing such a lovely story with us

on another note
I am attending

this week - Thursday through Sunday

please come shop with us
we have a new booth location

BOOTH 312/314

we have lots of new goodies for you!
Carolyn Friedlander
Alison Glass

the book quilts will be on display, also
so please
come to the show and have some fun!




Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fast-Piece Applique book giveaway - Rose Hughes

Rose Hughes.

if you are lucky enough to have taken one of her classes
or seen any of her exhibited work

you will understand what I mean
when I say that I am thankful to be able to call her
f r i e n d 

what a great time it is to go fabric shopping with rose
or to sketch on paper napkins over breakfast

don't get me started about getting anywhere near

yes, I am a very lucky girl.

 it was difficult to share only a few projects from the book
you all knew this one below would be one of my favorites
 one of the great things that Rose has done
for this book blog tour
is to design a series of blocks
based upon four letter words that her fans suggested

and then she let each of us select our own word from that list

Fast-Piece Applique by Rose Hughes
**addendum:  pattern is available now!

by leaving a comment below
you will be entered in a drawing to win an e-book
from Martingale/TPP
and a pattern for this block
from Rose Hughes!

just leave me a note telling me one

something you've experienced
during the December holidays, or the New Year celebration
you know
some random act of kindness
or something that touched

and on January 20
the random number generator will select a winner
from the comments

remember, tho, you have all of these other blogs to visit
to visit
to enjoy

Jan 5th-  KISS-- Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Jan 6th - SOUL-- Natalie Barnes

Jan 7th - SEXY --Maddie Kertay

Jan 8th - SWAK-- Teri Lucas-Generation Q
Jan 9th - LEAP-- Mandy Leins
Jan 12th- LUST-- Megan Dougherty
Jan 13th - HUGS-- Jenny Wilding Cardon
Jan 14th - FIRE-- Sam Hunter
Jan 15th - SING -- Rachel Biel-TAFA
Jan 16th -- Rose Hughes

thank you, Rose.... 
for always giving more than expected....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

t h a n k s g i v i n g t h o u g h t s

t h a n k s g i v i n g

we are all a mix of
friends family culture history

we are a scrap bag of goodness

and our blessings come in the same manner

during this holiday week
let's take a breath

be thankful and grateful and thoughtful
this thanksgiving

take a moment and leave a note of thanks, something you are grateful for
not for a giveaway
not for any reason other than
to give that notion "flight"

I am thankful for all of you!
because of all of you, I can do what it is that I do!!
I am grateful for that...

(photo:  aunt Laura's lamp, my mother's vase, shells from a friend, orchid from a neighbor, candlesticks from my aunt, my mother, and me, painting found along the way, dishes from a friend)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

...a busy year!

s u r p r i s e

it has been a busy year

while I really wanted to have a big reveal at
Fall Quilt Market

beat me to it

it's true!

and I am just over the moon
believed enough
in my ideas to allow me to 
write my very own book

but there's a twist

do you see it?
look again
it's true
agreed to be a part of the book
and I think you're really going to appreciate what she has to say

while the book won't be shipping until 

I just wanted to let you know
what I have been doing this last year

and if you are a wholesaler, and you are attending Fall Market
A    M O D E R N   T W I S T
will be a part of the
Author Hop
and you will have a "preview peek" at the actual book

want to know about the projects?
want to know about the book?
want to see that cover?
stay tuned....

for now, I just had to give a little squeal of delight
and while the book won't be available until next year
if you leave a comment
about what 
have been doing for the last year
we'll have the random number generator
select one comment
for a copy of the book
and send it to you at the beginning of next year

what have YOU been up to?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun-Size Quilts! Giveaway

it's a proud moment
to be included in such fast company
Pippa Eccles Armbrester, Jeni Baker, Natalie Barnes, Melissa Corry, Elizabeth Dackson, Victoria L. Eapen, Debbie Grifka, Julie Herman, Emily Herrick, Kimberly Jolly, Thomas Knauer, Cheri Leffler, Missy Shepler, Rebecca Silbaugh, Jocelyn Ueng, Heather Valentine, and Jackie White

I have a quilt design featured in the new book by
Fun-Size Quilts!

after completing this fun quilt using

I thought I would make a different version
linens and neutrals
and hand quilt the project

it's nice to have a little hand quilting to pick up every so often
and these Fun-Size Quilts! are the perfect achievable project size for some hand quilting

is going to give away sixteen eBook copies of the book
so head on over to their site for more blog links

leave a comment here
for a chance to win an eBook

just tell us all the smallest 'fun size' quilt 
you have ever made
and the story behind that quilt
 here is one of the Jaybird Quilts designs
in the book
and you probably recognize these little guys, right?

it goes without saying
but I will anyway
gosh, I am so proud!!!

thank you
for the great giveaway

(winners will be announced
Wednesday 30 July)


Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July - Giveaway and Shop Discount!


it has been a great weekend
eating bbq and enjoying friends

celebrating independence

lots of yardage is on
and if you have been following along, there is an additional discount!

today's post, tho, is about doing something different
stepping out of your comfort zone

having a great time
this weekend

for me, this past few years, I have ventured out
I have become a Martingale Author
I'm so proud!

One of the books is

and this is a bundle of fabrics used in one of the projects

tell us all by leaving a comment and your email
what you have done
how you have stepped out
of your comfort zone this last year
for a chance to win the fabric

and please - tell a friend about the shop site
we'd love to have you give us a try....


yes, it's a BIG DISCOUNT!!!!!!!

is the special code to enter
after shopping our already discounted fabrics

hope you'll shop with us today!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July Giveaway and discounts continue...again!

4th of July

the good news is that it's only saturday
there are really two more full days full of possibilities
before Monday arrives
with all of it's responsibilities
and to do lists

so what will you make of today?
how will you enjoy tomorrow?

and how will you carry a little bit of the relaxing quiet time
with you?

we have been having a giveaway weekend
each post, an opportunity to leave a message 
and have a chance
at having your name selected
and a lovely package sent to your door

the first day, I asked for memories
the second day, I asked for recipes

today, I ask you to leave a note
sharing with all of us
the most peaceful moment
of the holiday weekend

one of these beach driftwood 
lovely batik bundles of half yards could be yours!

today's discount code is....yes....